Welcome to the Cobbler Shop Shoes & Pedorthics

What makes the Cobbler Shop Shoes and Pedorthics experience different?
We are a full service shoe store specializing in a large selection of sizes and widths.  Our store carries an extensive selection of shoes including athletic, casual, walking and work shoes as well as clogs, sandals and winter boots.  We offer both custom and non-custom orthotics, custom footwear, shoe repair services and custom footwear modifications.

What you can expect at The Cobber Shop Shoes and Pedorthics?
One of our fitting specialist will discuss your needs and offer recommendations for any foot health issues or questions you might have. We will measure and pedograph both of your feet to ensure we provide correct fitting footwear.
Our knowledgeable staff is trained to fit orthotics and braces in footwear and understand the challenges accommodative devices create.

Our shoe repair services, custom orthotic fabrication and custom modifications are completed in our facility repair shop or orthopedic laboratory right on the premise.  We don't send your custom work out to an outside service.